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Fall Conference

Security & Privacy
November 11, 2010

De Reehorst, Ede-Wageningen, the Netherlands

Security & Privacy

In the last decennia, more and more data is stored in IT systems. In the beginning, they were only sporadicly interconnected. Everybody who had access knew and trusted each other. With the increase of the use of IT, this method of working became less and less workable.

And not only do information systems get interconnected more and more, we also store more and more data in it. Much of this data is privacy sensitive. The last couple of years, systems that the owner of the data has little influence over are being used to store data (Cloud computing). As systems are being interconnected more and more, it becomes easier to extract (privacy sensitive) infomation. Unfortunately, not everybody can be trusted, so a good security policy is necessary.

The trick is to find a balance between exposing data and the control over the security and privacy of it. This problem does not only exist between organisations and their customers, but also within organisations.

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