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The Association

The Board

The board is chosen during the General Meeting of the association every spring conference. Meet the board.

Honorary members

The honorary membership has been awarded to individuals who have been of extraordinary relevance to our association. Meet the honorary members.

The NLUUG Award

The NLUUG Award is awarded to individuals or organizations who have contributed to the improvement or proliferation of the (use of) Open systems or Open standards.

The Award has been presented to Piet Beertema (1997), Wietse Venema (Satan/Postfix, 2000), Guido van Rossem (Python, 2003), Bram Moolenaar (VIM, 2008), Andrew Tanenbaum (Minix, 2009), Wytze van der Raaij and Teus Hagen (2010), Olaf Kolkman (2015), and Michiel Leenaars (2022).

Privay Policy

As a professional organization, we understand your need for privacy and we try to reduce spam. read our promise.

Related associations

The NLUUG has many formal and informal contacts with similar organizations in the Netherlands, Europe and the rest of the world. UNIX/Linux user groups.


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