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"... NLUUG: 'Open' Minded ..."


The NLUUG is an independent association for the (professional) user of Open Systems and Open Standards. The NLUUG introducted Internet in the Netherlands and this is why Internet technologies and Open Source traditionally are amongst the core values of the association. You can be part of this active association, too.

What value does the NLUUG bring to you

The NLUUG spreads knowledge, offers services to the community and offers discounts on books, magazines and conference entrance fees. Read more

Various memberships

Apart from an individual and a student membership, the NLUUG sees various company membership options. Your company membership can be fine-tuned to the number of staff in your organization working on IT infrastructure, developers and testers. Read more

Membership fees

Depending on the membership option, the NLUUG has a differentiated set of membership fees. Read more[EN]

Registration, changes, quitting

Become a member. You pay per year of membership, not per calendar year. Read more[EN]

Bureau NLUUG

All day to day business of the NLUUG is managed by Organization Bureau InterActie[EN] in Ede, The Netherlands. Contact information for the NLUUG and InterActie



Association NLUUG
e-mail: info@nluug.nl