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Spring 2012: 'Operating Systems'

This year, our Spring conference focuses on the base of every computing platform; the operating system. To make it interesting, we plan to offer you a variety of five tracks, covering new developments in and collaboration between Linux, the BSD's, AIX, Solaris and Windows.

For this conference, the NLUUG will cooperate with the NGN, another non-profit foundation, to offer you two tracks on Windows 8. These talks will focus on new features and administration.

NOTE: The conference will be on April 11th, 2012, at a different location than usual. This time the NLUUG conference is hosted at NBC in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands.


We are proud to present our program:

Abstracts of all 27(!) presentations.


  • Keynote: Jon "maddog" Hall
  • Track 1: Solaris
  • Track 2: AIX en BSD
  • Track 3: Linux
  • Track 4: Windows 8
  • Track 5: Windows 8

The UNIX talks with a Dutch title can often be given in English upon request. Two more talks will be announced at the end of March.

Both Windows 8 (Server) tracks are organized by our sister organization NGN, with all presentations in Dutch only.


The prices are listed excluding VAT, and between parenthesis including 19% VAT.

not a
normal 150€ (178,50) 299€ (355,81) 399€ (474,81)
student 50€ ( 59,50) 100€ (119,00) -
¹) includes free memberschip until 2013-12-31
²) without the free membership.


Our new registration process has not been ported to English, yet. Besides, it can only be used with iDEAL, which is a payment system offered by Dutch banks only. So, if you have no understanding of Dutch or no bank-account in Holland, you need to use the alternative registration: by email.



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