Hans Van de Looy

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Since 2023 Hans is a general boardmember of the NLUUG. He also is an active member of the Programm Committee since 2016.

Hans is probably best known as an ethical hacker. Mid 2017 he sold his shares in Madison Gurkha, the company he started in 2000. This company delivered high quality penetration testing services and security consultancy to the top-1000 organisations (enterprises, (research) institutions and government) in The Netherlands. These services enabled them to efficiently identify, mitigate and prevent business security risks. During this time the organisation was regarded one of the top-3 penetration test specialists in The Netherlands. Before building this company Hans was involved as a senior security consultant with the RISC team at PinkRoccade. Hans started his professional career as a software engineer at the R&D department of Positronika Data Systems, after which he has various roles in various companies including Datex Industrial Automation, Balance Industrial Automation, Vicorp, and Sequent Computer Systems. In the past Hans has delivered various presentations and workshops at (international (hacker)) conferences, including, but not limited to: SANE, HOPE, Black Hat and HAL, and he is still passionate to share information and knowledge in presentations and workshops at company meetings, at universities and other educational institutions.

Hans is still passionate about privacy protection and securing intellectual properties. He noticed a long time ago that IT security always revolves around the proper protection of delicate data. His specialties focus on consultancy on and internal auditing of ISO 27001/NEN7510 ISMSes, IT security training, attack and penetration tests, and consultancy on improving software, system and network security.

Hans is always looking for new exciting projects in both The Netherlands and abroad.


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