Spamikaze, a distributed spam blocking system
Hans Wolters
<hans.wolters AT>

This presentation will start with an overview of spammer and anti-spammer technology over the years, and an explanation of why spammers will the 'arms race' over the centralised, active anti-spam blocklists that are the main defense against spam today.

The second part of the presentation will deal with Spamikaze itself, starting with a detailed overview of the current implementation, and its current limitations. The audience will also get an overview of the future plans for Spamikaze, which address the limitations that the current version has. Future plans include a distributed mode of operation and a self-tuning statistical method to distinguish between spam sending systems and high volume legitimate mail servers that occasionally hit a spamtrap.

Hans Wolters is a 44 year Dutch webdeveloper living in Zeewolde.

Hans started to work in the IT when he reached the age of 36, starting as a Clarion developer. In 1998 he switched his interest to Open Source and became an active member for the site where he was responsible for the bookreview site. One year later he switched jobs and has been a webdeveloper for different companies in the Netherlands.

Next to webdevelopment Hans became involved in fighting spam actively.

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