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Fabian Groffen

Foto van Fabian Groffen

Fabian Groffen is a Software Developer currently employed as C-developer for the Database division of a large multinational. His scientific background is in data processing, a topic on which he worked at Centrum voor Wiskunde & Informatica and received a PhD for in 2009 from Universiteit van Amsterdam. Between that and now, he worked at systems level for companies with in-house bare-metal clouds, like the once popular Dutch social network Hyves and hotel-reservation site Booking.com. Since 2005 Fabian is a Gentoo Developer, in which capacity he maintains a few packages, but mostly concentrates on porting software to non-Linux platforms, such as OpenIndiana (Solaris) and macOS. Fabian likes Open Source, and has contributed in this area, next to his work at Gentoo, via software he wrote for his employers or for his own needs. He runs his Gentoo-powered servers at home, like at work: fully managed by a software configuration management tool, constantly monitored for trends and alerts, and of course replicated and backed up.