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Robbert Schep and Jeroen v. Wijck - A proposal for Local Smartphone-based Adhoc Network in Disaster Areas.


In the last couple of years several large-scale natural disasters have happened across the globe. During those events much if not all the communication infrastructure was either offline due to loss of power, or outright destroyed. Communication lines are often vital to render aid quickly and effectively in these areas. A possible solution to the problem of lack of easy data communication could be the use of battery powered hardware using a communication chip. From February to September of 2023, we have attempted to create a workable protocol that can build ad hoc wireless network using smartphones to share data between Wi-Fi enabled devices without the need for any external hardware. Our solution leverages STA/AP concurrency to establish a multi node network without the need for external hardware.


Robbert Schep

I am Robbert Schep. A technology prototyper, researcher and entrepreneur. For the last ten years, I conducted my research and development efforts in the direction of local network technologies that could operate decentralised, independently from the internet and connect people with their immediate physical environment instead of the whole wide world.

Jeroen v. Wijck

Jeroen v. Wijck Is an instructor and researcher at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. As a researcher he focusses on challenges with (wireless) communication and distributed computing.


Foto van Robbert Schep
Robbert Schep
Foto van Jeroen v. Wijck
Jeroen v. Wijck