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Alain van Hoof - Kubernetes from Scratch, The Hard Way


To understand the inner workings of Kubernetes and to prepare of the K8s certification exams, I decided to create a K8s cluster from scratch, the hard way, on premises (“de meterkast”) on virtual machines all using Alpine Linux. This talk is how I tried to do it, how I succeeded, failed and added a CEPH cluster and ETCD cluster along the way. It includes a lot of technical details, but if there is one thing that you should learn during this talk, it’s not about K8s at all: Containers are not VMs!


Alain van hoof is a Linux user since 1993, when XFree86 settings could blow up your VGA monitor. At the age of 42 (yes 42) he became a MSc in System and Network Engineering at the University of Amsterdam. Doing all the Hipster things like CI/CD and Cloud as a consultant he ended up where his heart belongs: in an academic HPC environment where he can do Linux professionally and at scale. At home his Kubernetes cluster in “de meterkast” has an uptime of many years, running a website with 1 visitor a day. Besides de IT his hobbies in include (Islay) whisky, speed skating, running and cycling.


Foto van Alain van Hoof
Alain van Hoof