Winn Schwartau - Metawar: The Art and Science & Conflict & Reality Distortion in the Metaverse


The Metaverse is the Most Powerful Reality Distortion Machine Ever Conceived

Metawar is the art of applying science to create custom and templated alternate realities, so immersive, as to be indistinguishable from our ‘default’ reality; the one we have been born into. As technology evolves to the all-immersive meta point from which there may well be no escape, metawarriors of widely differing ilks will master the art and science of metawar to control the individual and populations at large. With metawar, the attack surfaces are not just silicon-based networks. Metawarriors target living carbon bio-chemical systems and the highly malleable, imperfect probabilistic nature of the human sensory systems and the mind. Our ‘beliefs’ and sense of reality are determined by two things: The inputs to our sensory organs and the internal sum of our beliefs, experiences, and memories. Learn how human sensory systems work, how the brain interprets external stimuli, and how the metawarrior will mess with human addiction to alternate realities. An entirely new kind of network tech to explore. Unabated, the metaverse will be dominated by a few, powerful, incredibly rich organizations, (ethics?) who will relentlessly hack reality, for God & Country, Power & Profit.

  • Your Brain is a Time Machine: It never rests. Never.
  • Reality is only a keystroke away.
  • Cui Bono? (Who benefits?)

Join me on a technical tour of the 6th domain of conflict. The battle is for control of your mind and your reality. And it scares the hell out of me.


The “Civilian Architect of Information Warfare”

  • Commodore Pat Tyrrell OBE Royal Navy, 1996

“After talking to Winn for an hour and a half, you’re like, what the f… just happened?” - Bob Todrank, 2019

Winn has lived Cybersecurity since 1983, and now says, “I think, maybe, I’m just starting to understand it.” His predictions about the internet & security have been scarily spot on. He coined the term “Electronic Pearl Harbor” while testifying before Congress in 1991. His seminal book, “Information Warfare” showed the world how and why massive identify theft, cyber-espionage, nation-state hacking and cyber-terrorism would be an integral part of the future (today’s present).

His latest book, “Analogue Network Security” offers time-based and probabilistic approaches to justifiable security. By hybridizing analogue and digital security techniques, he offers a first gen toolkit and methods to “fix security and the internet”, including fake news, spam, phishing, DDoS and more. It will twist your mind. “The Best Cybersecurity Book of All Time,” Cyber Defense Magazine.

Currently he is exploring “Metawar”, a term he coined to describe conflict in the evolving Metaverse. Increasingly impressive immersive technologies will create alternate realities and instill programmed belief systems in its users, all in the name of God, country, power and profit. Advertising, religion, education, indoctrination or delusion?

  • Fellow, Royal Society of the Arts
  • Distinguished Fellow: Ponemon Institute
  • International Security Hall of Fame: ISSA
  • Top-20 industry pioneers: SC Magazine
  • Top 25 Most Influential: Security Magazine
  • Top 5 Security Thinkers: SC Magazine
  • Power Thinker and one of the 50 most powerful people: Network World
  • Top Rated (4.85/5) RSA Speaker
  • Top Rated Webinar: 4.56 (ISC2)
  • .001% Top Influencer RSAC-2019
  • Global Power Speaker


  • “Pearl Harbor Dot Com” (Die Hard IV),
  • 3 volumes of “Information Warfare”,
  • “CyberShock”,
  • “Internet and Computer Ethics for Kids”

(More on his web site.)

Executive Producer: “Hackers Are People Too”

Founder: www.TheSecurityAwarenessCompany.Com

Founder: www.InfowarCon.Com