Sander Raaijmakers en Leo Rozendaal - Connectivity Standards Alliance - Zigbee Direct and Matter


The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) is a global member driven organization that has been developing open Internet of Things (IoT) standards since 2002, known for the widely used Zigbee standard and the recently released Matter standard. In this talk, we will dive deeper in the most recent additions in the CSA: Sander will talk about Zigbee Direct, the latest feature added to the Zigbee standard, allowing Bluetooth Low-Energy devices to directly interact with a Zigbee network, and explain some of the key use cases behind Zigbee Direct. Leo will talk about Matter, the new unified, open-source application-layer connectivity standard that works over IP, which was released in November 2022: what happened since then, and what is still on the roadmap – and: how can you experiment/work with it yourself?


Sander Raaijmakers is chair of the Zigbee Direct Balloting Group in the Connectivity Standards Alliance from his function as lead development engineer at Signify Research. Next to that, he is a member of the Zigbee Steering Committee within the CSA.

Leo Rozendaal works at Signify Research as system architect (connectivity), is member of the Matter Steering Committee, is an active contributor and reviewer of various features of the Matter standard and has helped the Philips Hue and WiZ businesses to add Matter support to their existing products.



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