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Jan-Piet Mens - Ansible: it's a fact


Ansible facts are data obtained from target nodes which are made available on the controlling node to, say, determine operating system, RAM size, or network interfaces. Facts can be obtained from operating system values, gathered from files and programs you pre-install on nodes (local facts), or even returned by modules, and facts can be cached on the controlling node.

In this talk we’ll talk facts: Ansible facts.


Jan-Piet Mens is an independent Unix/Linux consultant and sysadmin who has worked with Unix-systems since 1985. Jan-Piet does odd bits of coding, and has architected infrastructure at major customers throughout Europe. One of his specialities is the Domain Name System and as such, he authored the book Alternative DNS Servers as well as a variety of other technical publications, and he launched the MQTT-based Open Source OwnTracks project.



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