Jan Ainali - Introduction to public code


Everywhere you look, policy is becoming software. But what does it mean when code is becoming public infrastructure? As we see it, public code is becoming increasingly important as a concept for public organizations and the societies they serve. At the Foundation for Public Code we want to help public organizations to excel in collaborations around such code. Our process to do this we call codebase stewardship and will be useful for any maintainer. In this talk, we will also give an overview of the open standard Standard for Public Code and how it enables collaboration.


Codebase Steward at the Foundation for Public Code. Jan has been a policy advisor on digital issues in the European Parliament for a green MEP, mainly working on the copyright directive. Before that he ran a consultancy called Open by Default, which helped public organizations use open licenses to publish open data and make open source software. Previously he was the CEO of Wikimedia Sverige after co-founding the chapter and being its chairman.



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