Jilles & Jurre Groenendijk - No, we won't fix your computer


After several talks about Hardware Hacking this talk will be one on a more serious matter. After someone takes their life and the police closes their case, the next of kin may still have questions that are left unanswered.

This talk is about our journey from being nerds helping out with computer problems to specialists trying to help the next of kin find answers to questions they might still have.

Biography Jilles Groenendijk

Jilles Groenendijk is a Hardware Hacker that works for Deloitte in The Netherlands. He learned his way around by tearing apart devices ever since he was a little boy. “I like to figure out how stuff works” is what drives him.

Jilles has been teaching science and technology to children in elementary school. He hosted lectures and workshop for the community aimed at both adults and children; “Inspire the people and get them kickstarted”

His motto is: I VOID WARRANTIES FOR A LIVING (of which a coin was created previously)

(foto by Dennis van Zuijlekom)




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