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Maxim Burgerhout - Postgres on Kubernetes, the time is now!


Traditionally, databases were and mostly still are (manually) installed, controlled and managed by database administrators.

What would it mean to bring more control over the creation, configuration and management of databases to developer teams, allowing them, for example, easier and faster access to (new) databases?

The infrastructure of PostgreSQL databases on Kubernetes can be largely automated with CloudNativePG, including configuration, deployment, backup, monitoring, replication and fail-over.

This comes with huge benefits for both the developer (who can now have access to a new database instantly, all of the time, even with content based on a previous backup), and for the DBA, who can now focus on database performance and optimisation.

During this talk, we’ll discuss the open source cloud-native PostgreSQL (CloudNativePG) project and its options to have developer teams declaratively build, change and maintain PostgreSQL clusters on Kubernetes.

The time is now for Postgres on Kubernetes!


Maxim’s background story is not a straight line from graduation to current position.

Instead, Maxim has worked in various fields, from law enforcement to academia, through being a consultant in several mid-size and large IT firms in the Netherlands, until first ending up at Red Hat and eventually at EDB.

At EDB, Maxim is part of the presales team in the Netherlands. He also regularly speakers at conferences as a part-time evangelist.

Maxim was destined to end up as an open source evangelist and sales engineer: it was his ultimate goal ever since he started to work with Linux and other open source software in the early ’00s. He is very passionate about open source software development and tries to contribute, either in code, in docs or otherwise, whenever he can.

Maxim has spoken at various conferences, both in Europe and the United States, about open society in general and open source in particular.

Maxim is practically bilingual, being able to present in Dutch and English with the same ease: he was voted #1 speaker at Red Hat Summit 2018 in San Francisco, an event with over 7000 attendees from across the globe and hundreds of break out sessions.