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Maja Reissner - What if hacking were a sport?


When you’re good at sport you don’t just sport. You train specific muscles, specific moves, probably according to a personalized training schedule. Maybe you even have a coach. As a security expert, hacking may be your sport. But do you have a training schedule? Or a coach? It turns out we hardly practice specifically the basics by pure practice but often just learn on the job although pure practice can be very effective. In this talk, we’ll look at hacking as a sport and check out how you can best train and live to bring out the best in yourself! After the talk, you’ll have a concrete guide what to practice and a template training schedule you can start with.


Maja is a curious and ambitious human who enjoys working on complex systems and shows strong perseverance in understanding how things actually work. She has a master’s degree in Biochemistry and has been working in IT (focus on security, privacy and cryptography) for the last couple of years.



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