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Maja Reissner, Mendel Mobach en Lisette Meij - WOOt does the government do?


WOOt do we want? Freedom for our software! When do we WOOnt it? Now! This talk is about the journey into opensourcing software used and made by our governement. We will introduce you to the Wet Open Overheid (WOO) and explain how this law allows you to request the source of certain software. Then we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide how you can woo (yes, that’s a new verb we made up) software of your interest and in which cases you may want or not want to do so. This may all sound nice in theory but Mendel will of course also tell you about his personal journey of requesting the DigiD code base and how this eventually lead to opensourcing the complete code base.


Maja Reissner

Maja is a curious and ambitious human who enjoys working on complex systems and shows strong perseverance in understanding how things actually work. She has a master’s degree in Biochemistry and has been working in IT (focus on security, privacy and cryptography) for the last couple of years.

Mendel Mobach

Works for and against the government.

I am the reason DigiD is opensource.

Photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/dvanzuijlekom/23172444065 (c) by-sa/2.0/

Lisette Meij

Lisette Meij is a lawyer. With a fascination for laws and regulations, she investigates daily how all technological developments can find a place within the somewhat legal chaos. She focuses in particular on the legal boundaries in the use of data and data-driven work. Because how do you ensure that privacy remains guaranteed with the current possibilities to process data, not to mention the present urge to collect as much as possible? And how do we convert all these rules into a practical and understandable way of working for everyone? Questions she wants to find the answer to, talk about on the radio and give presentations on.