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Arnoud Engelfriet - Open Minds, Open Source: Navigating AI in the New Frontier of Intellectual Property Law


From the open-source revolution to the rise of generative AI, we find ourselves at a crossroads of unprecedented legal and ethical dilemmas. Can a bot create art in the style of a human artist without infringing on copyright? Is downloading the entire internet permissible if you do it for machine learning rather than to set information free? What happens when AI systems conceive inventions and seek patents?

Join IT lawyer Arnoud Engelfriet in a keynote journey through the evolving landscape of intellectual property law in the age of AI. We will unravel these complex questions with a lighthearted yet insightful analysis, drawing upon real-world examples and fostering a rich dialogue on the open-source ethos. Engage in a forward-thinking discussion that anticipates the future challenges and opportunities in IP law, inviting a collaborative approach to shaping a harmonious future between technology and law.


Arnoud Engelfriet is a Dutch IT lawyer and Chief Knowledge Officer at ICTRecht Legal Services in Amsterdam. Arnoud has been blogging about IT law since 2007 and is a regular speaker on law and technology. He has created his own ML-based contract review robot called NDA Lynn and is at this time writing two books on the AI Act.



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