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Pieter Lexis - YANG and NETCONF for Systems Administration?


In the operations world, there’s a disconnect between the system administrators and the network administrators. The sys-admins have automation tools that don’t integrate with the NFV/SDN standards used by “pure” network operations.

In RFC 3535, the Internet Architecture Board stated that network equipment should provide defined models and a unified configuration API. This resulted in the standardization of YANG (a data modeling language) and NETCONF (an RPC protocol for configuration that carries instantiated YANG data).

In this talk, I’ll be discussing the configuration management landscape (from a system administrator perspective), explain a bit about YANG and NETCONF and how these two technologies can be used to automate network functions that are running on Linux instead of dedicated network equipment.


Educated as a Systems and Network Engineer and having dabbled with DevOps-y things for years, Pieter’s official title now is “Senior PowerDNS Engineer”. As such, he works on the PowerDNS source code, the build/CI/packaging pipeline and running the infrastructure around the PowerDNS open source project.

Pieter is also involved in the broader DNS operations and standards communities to make the Internet a better place.




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