Pieter Jenniskens - Microservices, containers and Kubernetes


Containers have been around for a while now. But how do you use them to migrate your software from a traditional architecture to a more microservices oriented architecture? And what about management and scaling once your containers number in the hundreds?

In this talk we will have a look at microservices, how it uses containers and how kubernetes manages all this. Using a webshop as an example, we will look under the hood of kubernetes and see how it all works together.


Pieter encountered Linux and Open Source software for the first time in 1992 and never let go. During his studies he played around a lot with Linux and BSD.

Pieter worked in Linux consultancy for most of his adult life and only recently started to work for SUSE as a Sales engineer. In this role he talks about Linux and Open Source all day but still gets to play with the new technologies out there.



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