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Olaf Molenveld - How to use smart canary releasing for containers to increase velocity and reduce issues


Adopting new technologies like Docker containers, microservices, Mesos/Marathon, Kubernetes and other “cloud native” solutions, not only creates huge possibilities to increase velocity and scalability, but also introduces a whole new level of complexity. How to implement continuous delivery, service discovery, log-agreggation, API orchestration and secure exposing of service API’s and applications? These are all non-trivial challenge which need to be solved before one can safely go to production with such an modern cloud-native stack.

A solution that can handle these requirements in an integrated and unified way can provide great value. It cannot only provide a single “pane of glass” to the underlying components and make them work together efficiently, it can also apply smart metric-driven automation workflows to provide advanced features like canary-relasing, feature-A/B testing and runtime optimisations like SLA based autoscaling.

In this talk, Olaf Molenveld, co-founder and CTO of Vamp.io, will demonstrate how smart service discovery, load balancing, canary releasing, feature testing and autoscaling can be quickly applied to a container scheduler using a unified system.


Olaf has over 20 years of experience in the internet industry in various technical, architectural and managerial roles. With a background as a software developer, solutions architect and technical consultant, Olaf is in a good position to align business challenges with technical innovations and organisational processes.

In his former life, he was helping teams designing, building and releasing innovative online and e-commerce focused platforms for digital enterprises. In his role of CTO of Vamp.io he is focusing on envisioning and realising the architecture, technology and features of Vamp, consultative business development, and defining and refining the vision of Vamp’s value in the ever-changing DevOps space.



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