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Mischa Peters - What Every Security Professional Should Know About the Dark Web


Turn on the nightly news or your favorite TV drama and you’re bound to hear mentions of a vast criminal underworld for drugs, sex, guns, and identity theft hidden in plain site - all you need is a computer or mobile device to get there - this is the dark web. But what is the dark web really?

While well known, fewer than 1% of internet users have visited the dark web and even among IT security professionals, only 1 in 7 have ever ventured to a dark web forum or site. This lack of direct experience helps explain why there is so much fear and misinformation being spread. But it also suggests that many in the security industry are missing out on a crucial source of information that could help them better protect their enterprise and better get inside the mind of a hacker.

In this talk, we hope to use our knowledge to help break apart fact from fiction and provide you with the basics you, as a security professional, will need to begin safely leveraging this growing intelligence resource to better protect your organization.


Mischa Peters is Director Systems Engineering EMEA with IntSights. He has been in the industry for more than 20 years and began his career at one of the leading Internet Service Providers in the Netherlands, XS4ALL. After XS4ALL he worked for companies like Livingston/Lucent, Foundry/Brocade, A10 Networks and LightCyber.

His knowledge has evolved with the emergence of the Web and the need to secure it all and gained vast experience in this subject, with companies such as BlueCoat and LightCyber and currently IntSights. IntSights being positioned as a leader in the field of Dark Web and Cyber Risk Intelligence. In his former life, he was helping teams designing, building and releasing innovative online and e-commerce focused platforms for digital enterprises. In his role of CTO of Vamp.io he is focusing on envisioning and realising the architecture, technology and features of Vamp, consultative business development, and defining and refining the vision of Vamp’s value in the ever-changing DevOps space.