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Kees Meijs - Cloud construction at Nefos


This talk (in Dutch) is about Kees’ journey at Nefos towards a fully functional implementation of OpenStack in a public environment.

We start with the search for scale-out storage, going in production with Ceph, later on improving with SSDs and such. Continuing with systems architecture in terms of networking and OpenStack components. Pitfalls, maybe some war stories and thoughts about where to go from hereon. In short not a comprehensive guide how to build a OpenStack cloud, but a real-life tale how it’s done and not done at Nefos.

Obviously there’s room for discussion and to ask questions along the way.


Back in ‘96 Kees discovered the wonders of Open Source software and especially Linux. First his hobby and later career in IT brought him a lot of experience and expertise in systems operations and IT architecture.

Nowadays Kees works as a platform architect and partner at Nefos, a new kid on the block in terms of public cloud computing. Do we hear Ceph? Do we hear OpenStack? Yes, we do! Oh, and DevOps and such.



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