Hagen Bauer - Secure your Networks with the Opensource Firewall pfSense


Firewall and network security are a core element of IT (or at least should be). When it comes to the requirements of this crucial component of your infrastructure you should not count on your provider or a manufacturer name. Especially small organizations tend to ignore the risks due to the expected costs and complexity of enterprise devices.

The pfSense firewall is an high performance firewall for the growing needs to this vital element. The software provides functions like high availability, traffic shaping, vpns, network segmentation that are normally only provided by expensive enterprise products.

This way also small organizations and the advanced home office configurations can implement this enterprise capabilities.

In this double talk we will show the need for a new approach, how you can convince your decision makers and demonstrate how easy it is to set up such a configuration in typical use cases without any significant investments.


Hagen Bauer can look back on more then 15 year of experience in the areas of open source content management, system administration and ecommerce. His personal mission is to help organisation of any size to deploy recent innovations in open source to reduce complexity and secure IT.

He holds a masters (Diplom-Informatiker) in computer science, is an Open Group Distinguished IT Specialist and certified pfSense administrator. He is a frequent speaker at open source and enterprise software conferences for the last 20 years.



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