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Dag Wieers - Managing complex infrastructures in lab environments with Ansible


This presentation looks at how we started managing lab environments in a Cisco TAC support team. We will look into the specific requirements for lab environments to better support teams and customers. We will visit the business case and eventually the technical solution and end-up with using Ansible.

This presentation touches Linux, Windows, network automation, and also hardware devices and other interfaces that may not have been designed for automation.

Warning: attendants to this presentation may be exposed to flashes of YAML, Jinja, Python, and PowerShell. The faint of heart should probably skip this session.


Dag Wieers is a freelance Linux and Open Source consultant, having worked for various international companies (mostly, in technology, banking, broadcasting and telecom markets).

His main competencies include architecting and automating workflow, systems management, documentation and knowledge transfer and leading technical teams. He loves lightweight processes and keeping it simple.



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