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Faster from idea to production with GitLab

Speaker: Zeger-Jan van de Weg


GitLab is an open source code collaboration platform. Most people aren't familiar with the extent of the features it provides. In the 8.0 release (~1.5 years ago), GitLab integrated its continuous integration platform to the main product. To this day numerous improvements have been, and are being made so our users can go faster from idea to production.

In this talk an overview of GitLab 9.0 will be shown: where it came from and where GitLab is going.

When up to speed on what GitLab could do as a code collaboration platform, focus will shift towards GitLab CI/CD. Its architecture, and how to use it in your own projects. To prove it really works as well as Zeger-Jan claims, he'll end with a demo of a full idea to production cycle.


During his studies of Computer Science at the Utrecht University, Zeger-Jan van de Weg started contributing to GitLab to improve his Ruby on Rails skills. After a few months, he was hired to join as intern to improve the platform.

After his studies where finished he joined full time to improve GitLab CI, where he's been working ever since. Well versed in both Ruby and Go, in his spare time trying to pick up some Elixir.

Twitter: @zjvandeweg

Voorjaar 2017

Vereniging NLUUG
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