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English locale for the Netherlands (en_NL)

Speaker: Sander van Geloven


Many users who are physically located in the Netherlands use software in the American English language. Most of them are native Dutch speakers working in IT, but this also applies for non-Dutch expats in the Netherlands. In their work they usually have their systems configured to US English International. However, due to the geographic location they reside, it can be highly desirable for certain data to be represented according to the local Dutch notation, while the rest remains in English. Even though locale offers a certain flexibility, it is not possible to obtain the correct combination for these users. This talk goes into the risks and details of this problem, offers a solution and will motivate you to help to get this supported by glibc.


Sander van Geloven is an independent ICT consultant, mainly in the role of information analyst. In his versatile work he is an avid user of and contributor to FOSS. Since the late nineties, he has actively contributed to several communities.

His drive is: “What can possibly be cooler than improving the software you are working with, while optimising your work processes and have fun at the same time?” Sander's favourite projects include Python Natural Language Toolkit, Hunspell, XeTeX and Inkscape.

Najaar 2016

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